# Bored

So I work with kids and they often like to say they are bored. This is something I find quite strange. I can honestly say I am never bored. I can always find things I have to do, or even better, things I want to do or learn or explore and try. I think I probably said I was bored as a child and my Mum would just say “go and find something to do then.” I would often then read a book or draw or write something.

I was surprised at work today when I asked a colleague if she had enjoyed her Easter break from work and she said not really, she had been bored. I am astounded, do people not have hobbies any more, do they not dream of doing different things when they have some spare time? My ‘to do’ list is always long and I honestly never have time to be bored. As I mentioned before, I have to make time to do the things I want to do, among the many things I have to do. I’m sure this is true for many. I however, do not want to wait until I retire to do the things I love or to fill my life with all those things I want to try. What if I never get the chance? I do not want to waste a single opportunity. There are so many things I want to have a go at. Life is short and there is simply no time to be bored.

However, I think it is not a bad thing for kids to sometimes be bored. Boredom can be the start of creativity – a very valuable asset for anyone. My nephew recently created his own card game. We like to play games as a family and he knows lots of board games and card games. He is a clever boy and obviously had some time on his hands (restricted from his electronic toys) and he came up with his own card game. I have played it twice and it is good; all ages can play, from his nearly 7 year old sister to his 70+ year old Nanna. It is a simple concept but then so are all the best games. He also created a paper game (related to his favourite Minecraft), but at least he was using his thinking skills. We need to encourage boredom to some extent because this will encourage creativity.


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