Day 46

The end of Lent

Easter Saturday marks the end of Lent, as tomorrow we remember and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. I finished Lent as I started it – with pancakes – yummy! It also marks the end of my promise to write something every day of Lent; I succeeded – hooray! I have really enjoyed sharing my thoughts and hope you have also enjoyed reading them. To date the blog has received 821 views with 360 visitors. I am quite amazed by that (you can trace it on the WordPress site I recently found out). The most popular day was a Friday.

Now, I know many of my Facebook friends and family have logged in and read but I don’t have 360 friends!! So, some must have viewed when I have shared it on the 40 acts (for Lent) site. I am blown away that people that don’t even know me have taken the time to read what I have written – thank you.

To my friends also, thanks for reading, and some of you for commenting. Hope it has been of interest and maybe a little thought provoking. Do sign up to follow the blog if you want to (it will e-mail you when I update it), or let me know if you want me to continue to share it on Facebook.

I am definitely going to continue to pursue my writing (though may not manage it every day!) I hope you will continue to read.

Have an amazing Easter and be blessed!


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