Day 45

“Good Friday”

I was teaching the children at school yesterday all about the first Easter and we were talking through the story. A little girl (aged 6) asked me “Why do we call it Good Friday?” Wow, this showed me that she really had grasped the essence of the story – how could remembering such an awful death be considered ‘good’?? Of course at 6 years old it is a lot to grasp, indeed it is for some adults. The fact that Jesus died as a sacrifice for my sin and yours – that is where the ‘good’ bit comes in. It is “good news” that we can be redeemed through the awesome sacrifice Jesus made. We get to spend eternity in heaven rather than eternity in hell – if we so choose. Sounds good to me.

For Christians we remember Good Friday rather than ‘celebrate’ it – that comes later. We experience again the love of God in giving up His only Son for us. We feel again that forgiveness and mercy for every single sin. That same forgiveness that we in turn must then extend to others. That same love that must burn within us for our fellow man and woman.

I for one, am still in awe of all that Jesus did for me and I will be in Church this Easter remembering and celebrating and basking in His love. Today  I will be walking with fellow Christians through our town and praising God in the town centre, reminding others it is a religious holiday and not a secular one, where eggs and bunnies abound. I will thank God for my redemption through Jesus’ blood and I pray you will all have a life changing encounter with God this Easter.


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