Day 43

‘Fresh air’

I am a big believer in the benefits of fresh air. I think it has massive health benefits, especially if we can get out where the air is cleaner, for example; a park, field, the countryside or seaside. I go out at least 3 times a day whatever the weather ~ I have a dog so it is kind of compulsory. However, even without a dog I would still go outside a lot, I feel so much calmer and at peace outside and away from it all. Studies are now showing that time spent in ‘nature’ or natural surroundings is so good for us.

I personally think that it is healthier for mind and body. I get fewer bugs and colds than many people who spend their lives in centrally heated houses and air conditioned offices – and I work with small children (well known for being breeders of germs!). I have probably built up some immunity; but also believe the fresh air enables me to clear out my lungs – replacing unclean air with fresh, cleaner air.

When my grandparents became elderly (in their late 80’s and early 90’s), we reluctantly resigned ourselves to a nursing home. However, during their time there, one of us would go every day and with the exception of a very few days when they were too unwell, we took them outside for a walk ~ every single day! We would wrap them up in blankets in the wheelchair and off we would go around the gardens or occasionally the street for a change of scene. They lived to 96 and 98 and a half years old. Not bad going in my book. They lived much longer and were healthier than most other people in the home. I like to think the fresh air helped!

It is free and good for you!!


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