Day 42

‘Terror on the streets’

I changed what I had planned to write today following the terror attacks in Brussels. I know that a lot of people question the existence of God when terrible events happen, so decided to give you my thoughts on this.

God is ultimately ruler of all, and yes He makes decisions and plans about our lives. However, He also gives mankind choices and free will. We have a conscience which may call us to question what is right or wrong in a given circumstance. Ultimately, however, we can choose to sin. We can make a choice to do something that will hurt someone else – physically or emotionally. We make those choices not once but every single day. Even if we are Christians and are motivated by God’s love, we still have to choose every day how to behave and which path to take.

God does not cause terror and destruction. He sent His son to save us from ultimate death. People cause terror and destruction – just as they cause all the other problems in our society. Even some so called natural disasters can be traced back to Man and to our decisions to pollute our beautiful Earth.

God’s love will be shown many times over in the aftermath of these terror attacks, as in previous ones. It will be shown by the many people who choose not to let hate rule in their lives but to let love rule. When they choose to help and support and not to turn their backs or run away in fear.


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