Day 40

The time is now

Well I should be saying Happy Easter everyone as I am on Day 40. It would appear however that I should have taken rest days on Sundays, so have a few more days to write before the end of Lent. That is okay with me. I am enjoying sharing my thoughts – I only wish they wouldn’t come to me so often in the middle of the night – when I would seriously much prefer to be asleep!

The last 40 days have whizzed past and I seem to be permanently busy. Sitting down to write at least gives me a few minutes away from the daily routine to focus on something I want to do. I shall definitely keep up the blog (though it may not be daily). It has made me more determined to try to spend more time doing what I love to do and want to do – rather than just what I have to do!

Life is short, the weeks and months pass by in a flash. None of use knows what is around the corner. We often wish our lives away – I’ll do this when I’m on holiday, when the kids are older, when I change my job and so on. Sometimes though, tomorrow never comes. We need to make best use of the here and now. To try to fulfill our dreams in our lives.

Maybe you want to learn an instrument, or learn to dance, or have a burning ambition to fly a plane. Well the time is now – do it while you can. We cannot see into the future but we can make good use of today.


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