Day 38

“Somebody to love”

As human beings we are born with a nurturing instinct. Some may argue women have it more than men, but I think men have it; they just express it differently. Each of us needs to feel ‘needed’ to some degree or another. We may moan about it at times, but we like having people who depend on us. It makes our lives more worthwhile. Even animals have an instinct to look after the young or the old and frail. It is just something they seem to sense.

So what about those who have no-one to love? They may feel disconnected and it can be quite depressing, lets face it everyone needs a hug and a bit of affection. A recent news item had a psychologist talking about women who have lots of cats! Apparently this is to fulfill this need to nurture and love something. Maybe their kids have left home or they don’t have any. They still need to feel needed and loved so they make their pets the focus of their attention.

I can definitely empathise with this one. Although not blessed with children myself, I love my niece and nephew very much and like to be a part of their life. I also have had my dog for the last 14 years and he is a massive part of my life – so much so that my life tends to be planned around his needs. This is fine by me. I like to have him depending on me, and he gives me so much love in return. Everybody needs ‘somebody to love’.


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