Day 37

What price manners?

I was always taught that manners cost nothing. It was something instilled in me from a young age and is something I always ensure I use. As a teacher, I insist on good manners from the children I teach ~ though this can be a daily battle, as it is just not in their day to day vocabulary (some of them). I must confess I sometimes have to stop myself correcting other adults! In the supermarket, for example, if someone barges past me, I might follow this with an “Excuse me please”, rather than just huffing silently to myself. Maybe next time they might remember.

In my experience having good manners means acting in a way which is merely respectful to others – if someone opens a door, or holds it open for you, saying thank you. Being polite is just not difficult. We can of course extend this further by simple consideration of others. This might be giving way in a car, or letting someone cross in front of you. It could be giving up your seat on public transport for an older person or someone who is pregnant or holding a child. It could just be remembering to say thank you to someone for a gift or an act that they have done to help you in some way. It costs nothing but to the receiver it can be priceless.

How much better do you feel when someone appreciates what you have done with a “thank you” or “that’s so kind”? It would certainly make you more inclined to repeat the act. It certainly beats rudeness and lack of respect!


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