Day 35

Digital Detox

In our fast paced, digital, technological world; there is a growing trend towards time out with a digital detox. This may be a day or week away (retreat style), or merely a self imposed (or parent imposed) ban on all things technological. Having only had the internet in my house for just over a year, I can really see where people are coming from. It can quickly and easily take over your life. What with checking e-mails, checking Facebook, catching up with friends or just keeping up to date with the latest trends or news – it can quickly become an all consuming activity. (I don’t even have the internet on my phone so that saves me some time, but it still stresses me out).

I try to set aside a block of time for putting on the computer, doing everything I want to do, or need to do for work; then the internet goes off and my life can resume. That is just my way of dealing with it. I still feel it can take up too much of my time. Time that I want to spend more constructively, doing other things. That is my choice. I have friends who have given up Facebook for Lent and another friend who has decided to come off the internet completely for the time being. Other friends are constantly checking their phones, their updates and so on (especially the younger ones).

I do believe technology has it’s place, but it might be worth stepping back and considering how much time you or others in the home spend on this pursuit. Does it take over at home? Could you make better use of the time – maybe seeing friends or having a conversation in the first person, rather than ‘virtually’?


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