Day 32


I learnt a new word the other day ~ Mudita. It is a word from Sanskrit (Indian) and has no comparative in English. It is defined as ‘unselfish joy, or joy in the good fortunes of others’. What a shame we have no such word. Maybe it is because it is a hard thing to do. But, as I told my nephew yesterday, just because we find something hard, it does not mean it is not worth doing. As my Nan used to say – nothing worth doing is ever going to be easy!

I wonder if we ever feel joy in the good fortune of others? Perhaps we are more likely to feel jealousy or even dislike – why should that happen to them and not me? We may compare our lives unfavourably to others and feel that we are missing out for some reason. An old saying puts it like this “one man’s blessing is another man’s curse”. What is good for one person, may not be good for another.

Perhaps changing our perspective can help. If we can share in the joy of others and be happy for them, we can also look for the happiness and blessings which are within our own lives. If we see all our blessings as coming from God then we will have lots to be thankful for. Celebrate with someone who is celebrating and share in their joy and happiness – you never know it might just rub off on you.


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