Day 30

Going round in circles

Why is it that sometimes we go round and around in circles instead of just taking a direct route and going from A to B? Is it because we know something will be hard – a challenge maybe? Do we get distracted or caught up in other things? Sometimes we just cannot see the solution that is staring us in the face. Or maybe we just stall the inevitable – “I’ll do it tomorrow” – make that call or write that letter, make that will or take out insurance. But, then we get busy and tomorrow just never comes! We have all done it, and don’t worry it is an age old problem.

In the Biblical story of Moses, the Israelites spent forty years trying to reach the promised land – yet it was actually only an eleven day journey. We too can spend a long time dealing with something that could have been over and done with, if we could just face it head on.

I am not great at planning ahead or goal setting but I do like to make a list or two! Even better than that, I like to cross it out when I have done it. Sometimes these are in priority order and work obviously features quite highly.However, I have started to try each week to include one of those things that I love to put off – whether this is changing the bed, cutting the grass, making that challenging phone call or even something nice that has just got pushed aside to make time for other things.

In this season of Lent consider what it is you have put off doing that you could add to that ‘to do’ list today.


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