Day 29

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21)

Many people would consider their ‘treasure’ to be in things which they own, maybe their home, their car, electrical devices, jewellery or clothes. A lot of people accumulate a lot of ‘stuff’. It may make them feel better to go out and spend money. They might believe they are treating themselves or their loved ones, by buying them things they want. For some it is almost as though they ‘worship’ these objects. I heard someone say just today “I love my phone, it’s always on me, I check it constantly and hate it when people don’t text me”. She was using her phone as affirmation – if people were texting her, they liked her.

We can so often mistake what we want for what we need! Kids are particularly good at it – “I need …” they say, when actually they mean they want something. This is always a valuable, yet hard, lesson worth teaching. There is a real difference between wants and needs. In this country, for the majority of us, it is a want and not a need! We need water, food and shelter, everything else is not a necessity.

The Bible teaches us not to place our treasures in ‘things’ that can be destroyed or stolen away; but instead to store up our treasures in heaven. One of my treasures is in God and in eternal life. The other is in my family and friends and the precious times I share with them – whether it is a holiday, a meal or just the mundane such as doing chores and tidying a room. I know how quickly this too can be snatched away from us.

Where is your treasure today?


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