Day 27

‘You can give without loving, but you can’t love without giving’

This is a sign currently outside one of our local churches. I thought in Lent it was a good time to discuss giving. What does it really mean? Giving can be a generous, selfless act of it can be a force of habit. We give at Christmas and birthdays, but it may have little to do with love. It can be about giving within our means or giving beyond our means. Many people get into debt when giving because they feel they need to give what everyone else is giving; yet we know sometimes the greatest gift of all can be free. Sometimes giving can hurt, sometimes it is hard.

To love or to have and share love – is to give. We give of ourselves daily – in all kinds of ways and to all kinds of people and relationships. It is hard – often. We must sacrifice in order to be loving. Sometimes we sacrifice our time, our patience, even the very essence of ourselves. But, the rewards are great.

People show love in different ways. I show love by ‘doing’, I like to help or be practical. Some people are very wordy and can express love for one another in the words they say or write. Some love physically and emotionally, in their support for others with hugs and physical affection and emotional support. Often love is a mixture of all these. But, you definitely cannot love without giving.

There is no right or wrong way – just LOVE!


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