Day 21

“Life’s not fair!”

This definitely was one of my Mum’s favourite sayings. Any time me or my sister would say “that’s not fair” to some decision that had been made or some other injustice, her reply was always the same “life’s not fair”. I agree. This can be applied to most situations. Of course, we were never told life would be fair, but we all feel a need for fairness and balance. We tend to feel sorry for ourselves if we feel we have been dealt some injustice; or if someone has something we want – better job, holiday, car, toy or whatever! We also recognise it is ‘not fair’ when someone is dealt a difficult decision, faces an awful illness or has an unhappy childhood. However, instead of feeling that sense of injustice over it, maybe we could use those feelings as a force for good!

How might we help that friend who is going through a tough time; can we do anything to improve a bad situation and turn it around? If we can acknowledge and accept that life is not fair and it will deal us all some tough blows, maybe it will encourage us to do the best we can with what we have got. Turn a negative situation into a more positive one. Each one of us has unique challenges in our lives and these build into our character and our strength. It means we should do everything we can to try to work through those challenges, improve our situations and those of others around us. Pity will not help ourselves or anyone else but if we have compassion, we can use this for good!


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