Day 20

What do you see?

We so often spend our lives in a complete frenzy of busyness, I know I do. We rush from one thing to another, ticking things off from our “to do” list as we go. Whether at work or at home, life can get decidedly busy. Busy can be good, we are probably being productive in many ways. The trouble may come if we are so busy, we do not have time to see or reflect. There may be so many things we are missing out on.

I find in Winter time this is so much worse – the days are short; you leave home in the dark, come home in the dark; and the evening and time spent inside seem very long. Now it is getting lighter we can “see” more. I looked out of my windows today – really looked. I look out of my window every day but I had failed to see. I had not noticed the bush in my neighbour’s garden had been shaped and was showing red buds; the sticky buds are out on the tree and another neighbour has had a new shed/summer house built. How had I looked but not seen?

Sometimes our minds are so frantic, we do not allow ourselves time to reflect. Some may recognise the saying ‘ we can’t see the wood for the trees’. Maybe we are looking for a solution to a problem but cannot think clearly. Take some time to take a step back and look AGAIN, the answer could be right there in front of you.

On this extra day – take a step back and open your mind and your eyes and just allow yourself to ‘see’.


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