Day 19

Never judge … continued

I believe truly that we need to remember that what we ‘see’ is not necessarily what we get. We met a homeless guy a few years ago and have made friends with him. He is actually not homeless any more; but still sits on the street as his benefits only cover his rent and not his food and other essentials. He never ‘begs’ or asks for anything but accepts what he is given. On fist sight he is probably one of those people you might walk past, trying desperately to look busy and avoid meeting his eyes; I know I’ve done it! Yet dig a little deeper, have a conversation. Turns out he is just a regular guy, just like you and I; but he fell on hard times. He has health problems (probably from years on the streets) and he looks a good 10-15 years older than he actually is. He also has hopes and aspirations. He is polite, well mannered and kind. He needs people –  a friendly word, a hug, a “how are you today?” People are not always as they seem.

Take an older person, for example. They will have a wealth of knowledge and life experience that we can learn from; yet we so often brush them aside or do not give them the time of day. Perhaps we are in a hurry and get stuck behind them. Instead of taking the time to say hello, we rush on – that person may not have spoken to anyone all day (maybe for days). They probably go to the shops to get some human contact. We might believe they are ‘past it’, outdated and so on; but they will have  been through joy and pain just as we do. Inside, I bet they probably feel just like me and you too – just as they did when they were 20 or 30. The soul does not age like the body does.

Slow down and give someone your time today – guaranteed they will appreciate it.


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