Day 16

Be true to who you are

I want to talk today about being true to yourself. It can sometimes be tempting to follow the crowd or be led by others. This is fine if it fits into what you believe, however we should not compromise or be swayed to stray off ‘our’ path. Do not let anyone dictate to you how you should think or feel, what you should do or say; know in your heart what is right and do that. What is right for one person is not necessarily right for another. God gave us a conscience for a reason. If it feels bad it probably is, and there is probably a very good reason not to be doing it.

Where is your peace? Sometimes God makes us lose our peace about something, and that is usually a good indication that we should not be doing it. If we are stressed, worried or anxious that could just be that it is a new situation and we are adjusting to it; however learn to sense your feeling of peace. If you lose this then the chances are you should not be pursuing something.

Someone who has been kindly reading my blog mentioned in a comment that I was brave to share my thoughts with others. However, for me I do not feel it is brave at all. I do not speak for others to affirm what I have to say; merely to have a voice. If you agree or disagree as a reader; like it or dislike it; it matters not. What matters is purely that I am true to myself and to what I believe.

How can you ‘be true to you’ today?


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