Day 15

Live in the moment

This is something I definitely struggle with, but I am working on it! I have always been a worrier, I worry about things I’ve done and things I have yet to do. I over-analyse everything. I think about the past and what might have been. I probably waste a lot of emotion on things that have happened and things that will probably never happen!

My Mum and my Nan used to say ‘Today has enough worries of it’s own’ and don’t go to bed worrying about things you can do nothing about. This actually comes from the Bible; “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of it’s own” (Matthew 6:34). If we keep ourselves firmly fixed in the day we are in; if our focus in on enjoying the present moment, then this is where we will find peace and joy.

We need to be realistic ~ life is a mixture ~ there will be good and there will be bad. The good will come and go. The bad will come and go. If we spend our lives dwelling on the past or pondering the future, we will miss all that is valuable today. We get only one shot at life, we do not want it to pass us by.

One way I have found has helped me, is to re-frame my thoughts in the context of one question ~ will this matter in 5 years time? Perhaps if you have had a bad day or something hasn’t quite gone to plan, consider this – if the house did not get cleaned or the car wouldn’t start and you were late to work – would it matter in 5 years time? Usually the answer is NO.

How can you make sure you live in the moment today?


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