Day 10

Having enough!

Today I want to talk about ‘having enough’. We often think we do not have enough – enough time, money, friends, stuff. We want the latest car, shoes, clothes and gadgets. But it could all depend how you choose to look at it. This is a very worldly view. There is an alternative.

Sometimes, what we think is most valuable; is not. Take this morning for example, I had to sacrifice my lay in to write these words. They were running around in my mind and needed to be written down. If I had turned over and gone back to sleep, the words would have been gone. I believe God gives me ideas often, when I would rather be sleeping!

There is often a distinct difference between what we want and what we need. We all accumulate stuff. It can be very therapeutic to strip away some of that stuff! If we can sacrifice what we want and just have what we need; we are able to fulfill that need in someone else.

Try it out, next time you go to the shop because you want a new hat or pair of jeans or whatever. Have a think first – do I want it or do I need it? Are there holes in your old hat/jeans? Do they still serve their purpose? Do you want a new item to fit in with the latest fashion or just because you have seen it and you fancy it? If you can sacrifice your ‘want’ you can donate that new hat/jeans or the money to a local homeless charity and provide clothing or a bed for someone who needs it.

It is said that if you have shoes on your feet and a roof over your head you are richer than the majority of the people in the world. How could you meet someone’s need today?


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