Day 9

Open your mind

“Think and wonder, wonder and think”, a saying attributed to one of my favourite children’s authors, Dr Seuss. A master of the written word and creator of many wonderful new characters; Dr Seuss was not afraid to play with new words. In order to harness our creative selves we need to open our minds more.

If you can think, you can imagine and dream. If you can imagine and dream, you can create. Creating ideas makes us productive and forward thinking. Instead of closing down our minds we are more open to trying new experiences. This can be really positive, not just for ourselves but because it will impact on others too.

Inventors, entrepreneurs, writers, engineers, researchers and scientists are all people who pose new questions and look for new answers rather than just accepting things as they are. If you want to see changes whether in your own life or in that of others or the world around you; open your mind to new possibilities and seek to learn something new. Have a questioning attitude and challenge what you know.

We must never believe we are too small or insignificant to make a difference. A kind word, a listening ear; these things alone can make a massive difference in someone’s life. Think freely and see what you can imagine – anything is possible!


2 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. I’ve read every day and am now looking forward to each new instalment. Lovely writing and thought evoking subjects. The only criticism I have is what will I read after Lent.


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