Day 8

Being Creative

I wrote yesterday about the Creator – today I want to talk about being creative. It is said that people who make time to be creative are happy and healthier than those who do not. Why is this do you think? I think we were made to be creative beings. It can be good for your soul to make something out of nothing – rewarding, fulfilling and giving a sense of well-being. Perhaps even just to make something more beautiful than it was before – tidying a room or making a bed. Also, it is about allowing ourselves time to just BE, which is so important.

Most of us spend far too much of our time rushing around – we work, keep house, shop, run around after kids, parents or grandparents – depending on our stage of life. We rarely have time to stop and think, never mind anything else. If we can stop for a little while – long enough to ‘create’ something, then we have made a bit of time to relax or just to ‘be’. This is so good – it is personal, expressive and self-reflective.

Think about how you could be creative today. Creativity is about harnessing your mind, it is not just about art. You could paint or draw, yes; but alternatively you could – sing, act, write, dance, build (even if it is only Lego), talk to a friend, make a new friend, sew, knit, model with clay, take a photo, play and make memories. Let’s see who can add to my list!

Whatever you do today, see if you can ‘create’ something new – something which reflects a little piece of you!


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