Day 7

The Creator

Now you may sit there thinking ‘how can you believe in God?’ but I would be thinking ‘how can you not believe?’ How can man deny his Creator? Just look around you what do you see?

Every flower, every tree; every you and every me; every leaf handcrafted, for you. Every grass, hundreds of different varieties. Don’t believe me; go out into a field or meadow in Summer, and look – yes really look! How many different ones can you find? (There are about 160 species of grass in the UK).

Then there are the birds, each species as different and unique as you and I. Take a moment to consider – the robin and the blackbird, the coal tit and the mistle thrush, the hawk and the cockatoo – all beautifully formed, perfectly marked and all unique. Not sure what they look like – grab a bird book and go to a park, listen and look and you will see them. Watch the sycamore seed in Autumn fall seed down ready to recreate itself; the dandelion clock spreading it’s seeds widely to multiply. Seeds implanting into grass. Astounding! Nature does not need us to interfere – we can just let God be God, He knows what he is doing.

What then does my faith give me?

Something to hold onto when all the world is tumbling around me and makes no sense. An anchor in a whirling sea of anxiety and the unknown. A place to call home when hope seems lost. A channel for my spirit, a chance to be free, to be me; the me God created.


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