Day 4


As it is Valentines weekend I thought I would talk about love and the things that I love.

I love my family with a passion (not passionately, that is something different). They are my driving force. We have a reasonably small family now, but a large extended family, and I love them all. I especially love my sister and my nephew and niece, they are my life. I love my friends, they sustain me when times are tough and provide light and laughter. I love my dog, he is the one who gets me out of bed in the morning, he is my motivator and my furry ball of cuddles. People who have never had a dog will never know the huge bond between dog and owner. He in turn loves me completely,unconditionally and with a never ending love. When he dies my heart will be broken all over again.

I love to be outside, I am outside as much as possible. I need the fresh air, the space, the sun, the rain, the exposure to the changing seasons. I love the grass, the trees, the birds and being around nature. If I am not outside, I want to be near a window, in natural light and as close to outside as I can get. It feeds my soul. Sometimes people forget we are not just a body and a mind; we are a soul. Find out what feeds your soul today.

I love peace and quiet and I love time. I often wish I could just stop time. It races on and we try to keep up. Make a point of ‘making time’ – carve out time to feed your soul. It is so worth it.

I love God and I love spending time with him. He is my peace and my truth.

What do you love this Valentine’s weekend?


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