Day 2

Being grateful

I thought I would write today about being thankful. It is a strange concept, one I think we do not think enough about. Any standard day we probably moan double the amount that we praise or give thanks. I am determined to make changes in this area so this is a good focus for me during Lent. I know from listening to others, that I am not the only one.

It seems a fact of life and society nowadays that we are never satisfied. We always want more – more money, more power, more things (stuff), more time, more love, more security, more friends …

I believe we need to turn this on it’s head and first of all by thankful for what we have. I make a point in my prayers each night to find things I am thankful for. I think starting with being satisfied with what we have is a good place to start.

Instead of moaning about the rain we should be thankful we are not in a flooded area or suffering from a drought, instead of moaning about our house (could be bigger, tidier, in a better area), we should be thankful for our home and that we are not homeless. Being grateful for a job no matter how hard, how tiring or challenging that job might be. Being grateful for our family instead of constantly finding fault with them.

Have a think; what are you thankful for today???



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